This is the proportion of water on Earth. But less than 1% is naturally drinkable. By 2025, the WWF Association claims that about 66% of the worldwide population will be facing water shortages, which will thus become a protected resource.


This is the average quantity of water within skincare products. And they are sold by millions worldwide! As a cheap resource it is used to dissolve the ingredients within the formulas. However, by doing so, the active ingredients become less effective.

This is why

We create no added water formulas to offer highly concentrated skincare products in active ingredients and to preserve freshwater, an endangered natural resource that is vital for the future and welfare of the planet and the ecosystems.

More specifically?

A liquid skincare has a formula based on a mix of oil (fatty substance) and water (aqueous substance).

Our La Royale face cream is based on a mix of vegetable oil (Plum Kernel) and plant hydrosol (Cornflower) - instead of water.

So La Royale is highly concentrated in active ingredients: +60% is composed of Cornflower hydrosol which is rich in antioxidants.

We indicate the percentage of active ingredients on the packaging of our skincare products so you know exactly what you apply on your skin!