Seasonal plants

Fresh plants flourish with the rhythm of the season, permeating each leaf, each stem and each flower with their unique characters that are used in our skincare products. Respecting their lands of origin and seasonality means giving the soil enough time to regenerate, for plants to sprout and insects to feed.

No color, smell or size of a plant is the same as for another. Imperfection is a part of nature. Just like you, each specimen has its own unique features!

The harvest

Once mature, the plants are carefully selected and then freshly harvested. They are delicately processed by hand to keep their active ingredients (antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements,...) in perfect condition.

The transformation process

Some plants are intended to be dried to evaporate the water they contain. Others go directly to the oil maceration (cold-pressed carrier oil used as a solvent to extract the properties of the plant), distillation (the plant is distilled with vapor from the still to collect the flower water or essential oil) or cold- process step (mild soap rich in vegetable glycerin which actives ingredients are preserved) to enrich your skincare.


Then, concentrated in a balm, an oil, a soap or a cream, your treatment is finally ready for use. It is the fruit of patience and artisanal know-how in harmony with Nature. Time is the guarantee of a high-quality, ethical product.

Each year is unique, and each one of our jars bears witness to a unique natural history!

Your need

Our attachment to biodiversity enables you to enjoy products made with the best of what Nature has to offer, in small production quantities.

This is an essential return to our roots that ensures healthy living with authentic products!