Welcome to Cap Bötanica!

The origin of Cap Botanica goes back to my childhood when I jumped into the wheelbarrow of my parents, heading to harvest gooseberries at a local farm and make jams from it. Looking for the fruits through the tree leaves was a real source of adventure and joy. 

Now, I founded Cap Bötanica: no added water skincare formulas that are highly concentrated in active ingredients from local, fresh plants. Organic certified, 100% natural and handmade in France.

Cap Bötanica bears witness to France's lush biodiversity and artisanal know-how that we seek to protect. Together, we restore the link between humans and nature with healthy products for your skin and the planet.

Let's go on a journey at the heart of biodiversity and stand up for diversity!

Aurélia Bré

Founder, Cap Bötanica