La Bohème, multi-use oil - nourishes...
La Bohème, multi-use oil - nourishes...

La Bohème, multi-use oil - nourishes & soothes

100% organic and 100% natural oil - 50mL.

Face, body, hair. Ideal for sensitive, mature, dry, combination skins. All hair types.

Local plants: Camelina oil (+84%), Lemon Balm extract (15%).

Active ingredients: Rich in omegas 3, 6, 9, antioxidants and vitamin E, smoothes and soothes.

Extra: Formulated with an oily macerate and a first cold-pressed Camelina oil to preserve the high quality and efficiency of the active ingredients. 0% essential oil for sensitive skins.

Texture: Dry oil.

Scent: Vegetal notes.

Glass container.

Suitable for pregnancy.

VAT included




Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis, also called "bees pepper" in French.

Active ingredients

Rich in rosmaniric acid helping to prevent the stress effects on your skin. 


The Lemon Balm is cultivated by a local producer in France. This extract is made with a first cold-pressed carrier oil used as a solvent to extract the properties of the plant.


Camelina sativa, cultivated in Europe since more than 3000 years.

Active ingredients

Rich in fatty acids (omega 3), vitamin E and antioxidants helping to calm and protect your skin.


The Camelina is cultivated in France. Its seeds are slowly cold-pressed to extract the oil to preserve the high quality of its active ingredients.


INCI: camelina sativa seed oil*, melissa officinalis leaf extract*, rosmarinus officinalis extract*, helianthus annuus seed oil*.

*From organic farming

100% natural

100% organic

Nature & Progrès certified

Fabriqué par GAEC Plantes des Cévennes, 48110 Les cambous, titulaire de la mention Nature & Progrès

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